2013 Reubens Odds and Ends

The Reuben Awards isn’t just a lot of speeches accompanied by a rubber chicken dinner like your typical convention banquets, it was modeled on the Oscars show, and so, always begins with a spectacular stage show including a live band, lots of comedy, and sometimes song and dance.

Plus, the dinners are amazing — this year’s caramel-cheesecake dessert alone was so delicious, I wept openly after just three bites.

Reporting From The Reubens, Day Three

Long day yesterday sleeping late, packing, and riding the air lanes, so I couldn’t find a moment to post anything new, but here are a few shots from Sunday night’s farewell speakeasy party at the 2013 Reubens.

It was like Gatsby, man.

The hard to find Speakeasy Bar in the Omni’s basement (a real life speakeasy during prohibition) was packed with cartoonists decked out in roaring 20s attire after a huge buffet dinner in the ballroom.

Reporting From The Reubens, Day Two

Another hilarious, rousing, suspenseful Reuben Awards Banquet has ended, and our congratulations go out to all the division award winners, and the big surprise of the night — we had a tie for “Outstanding Cartoonist of the Year” — both Rick Kirkman (“Baby Blues”) and Brian Crane (“Pickles”) took home a Reuben statuette after all the envelopes were opened. ┬áThe last and only time this has happened before was in 1968 when Johnny Hart (“BC”) and the colossal editorial cartoonist Pat Oliphant tied in the final judging.