Ever Wonder What A Cartoonists Convention Is Like?

The Saturday Evening Post’s David Apatoff sums up a Reuben Awards weekend perfectly in this wonderful take on what a cartoonists convention is really like.

(BTW, the ‘unknown’ cartoonist, left back row, in the women pioneer photo is magazine/New Yorker cartoonist, Ali Solomon)


Philly Reubens Recap

Last weekend I and about 300 colleagues and friends gathered in Philadelphia for the National Cartoonists Society’s annual Reuben Awards– the cartooning world’s answer to The Oscars.

And what another great Reuben Awards weekend it was, despite Steve not being able to be there this year. We live on opposite ends of a continent and don’t get many chances to get together. The Reubens have been a quasi annual business meeting for Team Dustin.

Thanks & Giving — Auction For Disaster Relief


Keep an eye out for the funny papers on Thursday. Then go to the link below to bid on some amazing original cartoon art (including our 11/23 “Dustin” cartoon) to to benefit victims of recent natural disasters.


In the wake of the deadly disasters that have recently devastated communities in the Gulf states of Texas and Florida, Mexico, and especially Puerto Rico, the cartooning community has come together to use their unique gifts and talents to raise money to help the victims.