2017 Reubens Recap


Artwork by Luke McGarry (photo courtesy of Ray Alma)

Last weekend I was in Portland, Oregon where I played tourist, hung out with cartoonist pals, and participated in the giant annual group hug known as the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Awards weekend.

The Reubens attract the best in the business from all walks of the art. It’s a grand affair. Sort of the cartooning world’s answer to the Oscars.  Sadly, I was flying solo as Steve wasn’t able to attend. “Dustin” was nominated for the Best Newspaper Comic Strip division award, our fourth nomination in that division — with a surprise win in 2010.

Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season — And Deadlines…

After a storm in 2011, this large pine in our neighbor's backyard just barely missed my studio.

After a storm in 2011, this large pine from our neighbor’s backyard just barely missed my studio.

Hurricanes may come and go, but deadlines are always with us.


Last Thursday night, Hurricane Hermine drew a bead on Tallahassee, Florida, where I live and work. Our power went out almost immediately as Hermine went to work kidney punching Florida’s Capital City. Tallahassee has lots and lots of trees. A great deal of them are large southern oaks decorated with beards of Spanish moss, plus there are a ton of loblolly pines everywhere. In fact our front yard alone is home to twenty-three 80ft-tall loblolly pines. So whenever a big storm strikes, the city’s trees come down as if there was a lumberjack convention in town — and the trees take miles of power lines and utility poles down with them. Replacing all that power grid infrastructure can take a few days if not more.