Cartoon Culture At The Library Of Congress

Hey Washington DC peeps, don’t miss a chance to see and hang out with some great King Features cartoonists and creators at the Library of Congress this Friday… Many NCS Reuben Awards Weekend attendees will be on hand as well, including Team Dustin, come meet and greet.

“Cartooning and Our Culture,” will take place Friday, May 22nd at 11A.M. in the Montpelier Room of the Library of Congress’s Madison Building.

Our Daily Mental Smackdown Cage Match

Each day I sit behind a drawing table and a Cintiq display way longer than is probably considered normal or healthy for your average 55-year-old male. You probably wouldn’t know it if you were to peek in the window and see me sitting there scratching my backside, but during most of my 10-hour days, I am pinned to the mat in a mental smackdown cage match — wrestling a tag-team of deadlines, the eternal verities, making four or more comic panels fun to look at, and how to onomatopoetically spell the exact sound an open-faced peanut butter sandwich makes when dropped on the floor (it’s papfft, BTW).