The Kudlicks

Dustin Kudlick

At 23, Dustin Kudlick is a recent college graduate who majored in English because he already spoke the language. Unencumbered with ambition, Dustin’s goal is to find a career that yields the greatest pay for the least amount of effort.



Ed Kudlick

As a successful general practice lawyer, the family patriarch sets a high bar. His second job is encouraging Dustin to move onward and upward — but he’d settle for out.



Helen Kudlick

Sunny and self-assured, Helen is Dustin’s enabler, forever defending him to his father. An unapologetic shopper, Helen hosts a successful call-in radio show.



Megan Kudlick

Studious and disciplined, Meg is everything her older brother isn’t.




Simone Fontenot

The salty owner of TurboTemps, a one-Cajun-woman employment agency, Simone provides Dustin with temporary job assignments and unending criticism.



The precocious kid next door.
Dustin’s less-ambitious (if you can believe that!) buddy.