4 thoughts on “February 19, 2014

  1. I saw the recent strip where the dad returns from visiting the new library. Equating the library to a blacksmith shop is short sighted and damaging to those who depend on libraries. I encourage you to spend a day with a public librarian in an urban setting. After that, spend a day with an urban public school librarian. I hope both days will give you a fuller picture of what libraries are really about.

    • Thank you for your email about today’s Dustin comic strip, Katherine.

      I write the feature (Jeff Parker draws it) and wanted to let you know that I meant no offense to libraries or the people who use them. Rather I wanted to highlight how differently teenagers and adults might view them. Jeff and I have pursued similar themes (the reluctance of parents to embrace technology with the same enthusiasm their children show, for instance) without offending readers, and had no idea that Wednesdays’s strip would be an exception.

      I’m sorry if you were disappointed by Wednesday’s strip, and hope that my somewhat wordy explanation helps. Certainly I am a fan of libraries and have paid enough overdue book fines in my lifetime to underwrite a building or two…


      Steve Kelley

  2. Interesting how perceptions can be so divergent…I actually was visiting the site in hopes of finding a link for the referenced library/blacksmith strip (I can’t find it…). I was hoping to share it with a friend – who happens to be a public librarian in an urban setting. I have no doubt she would have loved the strip! Thanks Steve and Jeff, for providing great work in an industry that faces its own modern challenges.

    • Hi, Greg- Thank you for your kind comments. You can find that strip here http://comicskingdom.com/dustin/2014-02-26 — It will appear here at dustincomics.com this coming Wednesday.

      As for the delay in posting our work… Steve and I are both newspapermen, and as we make a living drawing cartoons, we never saw the benefit of posting content to the internet for free. It certainly hasn’t proven to be an advantageous strategy for print media these last couple of decades — as online ad revenue has been nearly non-existent. So we preferred to delay posting our comic strip by a week hoping readers will be intrigued enough to see the latest strips daily in their newspaper or in their paper’s online edition.

      This practice has confused a number of other readers of our website, and we may have to rethink our little social experiment.

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