Saturday Morning Muse- Terry Gilliam

I was a fledgling cartoonist of 14 when I first became addicted to Terry Gilliam’s revolutionary, subversive and insane Monty Python animations.  More than animations, they are awesomations.

Gilliam’s voluptuous drawing style and cutout madness to me were an all-out assault on the humor centers of the mind.  Sort of like cartoon LSD.

Attila the Bun, Eggs Diamond, Mr. Gumby, Spiny Norman, Bob the Bad-Breath Dragon… spectacularly mad stuff.

Saturday Morning Muse – Asterix

In the French speaking parts of the world, Asterix le Gaulois comics are a force. Like our Mickey Mouse, the little cartoon character has inspired toys, games, food-snacks, movies and a theme park. The French even named their first satellite “Asterix.”

Written by Rene Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo, the 54-year-old comic book series depicts the adventures of Asterix and his super-sized pal Obelix, residents of a little village in ancient Gaul resisting Roman rule through the help of a magic potion which gives them super-human strength. Many times, the rebellious Asterix and his fellow villagers merely outwit their hapless occupiers.