Free Comic Books? Yes, please…

Just got back from spending the morning with Batman, The Avengers, The Green Arrow, and a few Star Wars sand people, clone warriors, and stormtroopers.

It’s Free Comic Book Day!

photo 2


I hit three local comic book shops, The Bookshelf, Fallout Comics, Cosmic Cat Comics, and came home with quite a haul… best of the bunch was a free copy of Stan Sakai’s “Usagi Yojimbo.” Subarashii!

Saturday Morning Muse — “C minus”

photo 1A nine-foot set of maple bookshelves holds up one wall of the little hallway that leads from our house to my studio. Each shelf is stuffed with cartoon books, art books, cartoon character figurines, and old MAD Magazines.

The little hallway makes up nearly half of my 27-foot morning commute.

On “the way into work,” I often pull a favorite cartoon or art book to flip through while sipping my morning iced-coffee on our back porch. I find this little ritual kickstarts my sleep-and-red-wine-addled brain into trying to somehow at least pretend to resemble a creative mind for a couple of hours during the day.

Continuity Incongruity

The other day, Steve sent me a closeup photo of a panel from another comic strip (which will remain nameless), where the main character had his right foot at the end of his left leg.

Every cartoonist has made a similar mistake or twelve during their career — left hand on right arm, right-handed character suddenly writing with her left, leaving off a pair of reading glasses in the last panel.