Continuity Incongruity

The other day, Steve sent me a closeup photo of a panel from another comic strip (which will remain nameless), where the main character had his right foot at the end of his left leg.

Every cartoonist has made a similar mistake or twelve during their career — left hand on right arm, right-handed character suddenly writing with her left, leaving off a pair of reading glasses in the last panel.

More Green Pie, Please?

Dorothy and Toto may not be in Kansas anymore, but hey, “Dustin” is!

Survey results are in, and “Dustin” can now be found lounging around The Topeka Capital-Journal comics lineup. Thank you, Topeka!

The C-J held a comics survey and has published the results in an interesting way — pie charts showing slices of green “Like It,” red “Don’t Like It,” and blue “Take It or Leave It.”

The Famous Funnies April Fools Prank

Happy April Fools Day! Anyone remember the Great Comic Strip Switcheroo of 1997? The prank was masterminded by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott, creators of “Baby Blues” fame. The boys sent out letters to comics creators, and they were surprised by the response.

A lot of matchmaking then took place, and on April 1, 1997 the funnies pages surprised readers and editors alike.