Hat Trick

Team Dustin is honored to learn our comic strip has been nominated for the National Cartoonists Society Reuben Award for Best Newspaper Comic Strip once again. ┬áCongratulations to fellow Comic Strip division nominees, Brian Bassett for his amazing strip “Red and Rover,” and Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman for the incomparable “Zits.”

Wonder What’s Good In The Art Gallery

It’s always a nice surprise to walk into some place and find a cartoon of mine taped to a cash register, pinned up in an office or, best of all, held in place by a little fruit-shaped magnet on someone’s refrigerator door.

Refrigerator doors are the cartoonists’ art gallery.

To have something you created hanging in such a central and well-used part of any home, next to all the kids’ drawings, post cards from far-off places, favorite goofy photos and grocery lists is truly an honor. When you stop to think about it, most of us reserve our ‘fridge doors for things that are very personal and very dear to us. Knowing someone took the time to clip a cartoon I drew because it struck a chord in them, and then gave it some precious door space… well, forget the Louvre.

Penance and Ink

“Catholic schools have created more cartoonists than any other force of nature.”

My friend and colleague, Pulitzer Prize winner, and “Mother Goose & Grimm” creator, Mike Peters coined this little pearl of wisdom while reflecting back on his Catholic school days.

It’s weirdly revealing and certainly true that an awful lot of cartoonists I know grew up Catholic, many attending Catholic school at one time or another.