A Dotted Line Coincidence


Did you happen to catch it? Without any prior planning or coordinating, our August 19th “Dustin” page spoofing a “Family Circus” dotted line gag appeared on the same day as a genuine “Family Circus” dotted line gag. And to make matters even sillier, and perhaps more confusing, The Times Picayune in New Orleans runs “The Family Circus” and “Dustin” together on the same page.

Moreover, Joe Wos’ “MazeToons” also featured a “Family Circus” dotted line on August 19th. Plus, “MazeToons” included Jim Horwitz’s web comic “Watson” in that day’s maze. And “Watson” coincidentally winked at “The Family Circus” as well on the same Sunday.

I think we may have stumbled onto the nexus of the universe that Sunday morning…


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